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Marjon Nik-Khah - VP Enterprise Sales, DrChrono

When Level213 joined our ranks at DrChrono, we had a 1:18 manager to individual team member ratio and were overwhelmed to say the least. Our initial goal in bringing Level213 into the team was to improve our sales operations, but what they were able to accomplish for us was so much more, from keeping more eyes on and coaching individual team members, to creating playbooks and progression paths, to successfully implementing an internal knowledge base tool to increase productivity and knowledge efficiency across the team. Hiring Level213 was one of the best decisions we made for our sales organization as they not only increased our managerial bandwidth, but ultimately added sales efficiency through improved process and infrastructure. Thanks, Amanda and Roz!

Benjamin Friedman - CFO, Parse.ly

By all indications, the coaching relationship you had with Lindsay allowed her to quickly reach a higher level of performance as a manager and to increase the performance of her team. I have been incredibly pleased to see the output from her team, and also the raise in level of discussion where she has a better understanding of how the team needs to operate effectively and how the team fits into the company's goals.


Steve mayernick - Head of Product marketing, Guru

As an enablement product and company that’s experiencing rapid growth, it’s essential that we drink our own champagne and build a world class enablement program that is repeatable and scalable. From day one, Level213 aligned with us on our strategic outcomes and helped establish a customized program for our enablement team at Guru. In support of our core value of building for the long term, Level213 helped our enablement lead develop a plan for the future of the enablement practice at Guru. This plan has a long term impact — not just for our revenue generating teams, but our whole organization. 

John Hurley - Senior Director, Product Marketing and Product Strategy, Radius Intelligence

The Level213 team took foundational onboarding materials and turned it into a world-class training program. They partnered extremely well with our sales enablement leader and across our teams to drive toward tight deadlines. By the end of our work, they were able to cross off every strategic deliverable established at the beginning of our partnership. Can't recommend Level213 more for taking your sales teams to the next level.